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The main character - Dick

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Cena: 431,00 zł 431.00 (100,00 €)
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Ocena: 5
Producent: Joe Dantee
Kod produktu: EF1B-271C1
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The book will be published in 2022, the sketches are original and we send them immediately after purchase, they are printed in color, we simply send the printed image and at your request we can frame it in a frame with the stars logo plus glass.
The book tells about a journey into space and a real encounter with an alien civilization, the story is full of fascinating twists, inhuman strength and love stronger than life.
The price also includes a T-shirt with the image of Dick in the size indicated by the ordering party

We also plan to make a movie and computer games based on the book in 2022 with a great message for humanity ...

The print size can be A3 or A4, while the T-shirt with Dick's print can be sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
When ordering, please state these sizes and indicate what picture of Dick we should send you
Copying is strictly prohibited






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