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Technical Specifications
Model Baglieto Ischia 80-58
Year 1980
Location Athens, Greece

Anywhere in the world

Do you want to have your own yacht? Do you dream of being a yacht owner? Do you fantasize about luxurious holidays on white sandy beaches, magical bays and dreamy sunset? and its partners around the world include 2 proposals for yacht ownership programs:

Guaranteed Income Program; This program includes having a yacht that is managed and chartered with a guaranteed monthly income.
The program is ready for purchase; Ten programs include having your own yacht with convenient payment schedules.
The ownership program is suitable for clients on various budget scales and includes a range of high-quality new series yachts. During the duration of the ownership agreement, the yacht owner does not cover any costs of using the yacht.

In addition, only some yachts or places where they are available are available, but the same / equivalent yacht is sailing from the same program in several locations around the world.

Where are we going and on which ship?

Wherever and whatever you prefer. Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Seychelles, Caribbean are just a few desirable destinations served. We know the best places near places and we can organize every ship of your dreams and budget; Gullet, sailing yacht, motor yacht, catamaran and of course Superyachts and Mega yachts.

Charter a yacht, we organize holidays for you, we pay attention; Cruising areas and itinerary, including berths, stops and local attractions, budget, family vacations or business events, custom menus, concierge services and 24/7 support.
Ask for a quote on the email:

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