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8 SERIES RECUMBENT BIKE W/15" PAL EMBEDD montaż i dowóz gratis

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Ocena: 5
Producent: STAR-TRAC
Kod produktu: E129-49899
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Product Description


Easy and comfortable. How do you improve on an already great recumbent bike experience? You make it as comfortable as a great chair. You start by making sure it features the same Morse Taper bottom bracket and pedal system that is unique to Star Trac bikes. That’s exactly what Star Trac did. Then, thye kept going with a modern iconic design offering the industry’s most comfortable back rest, a walk-through frame design, heart rate bar and adjustable reading station, dual-platform pedals and Star Trac’s signature personal fans. The result– a recumbent bike that’s the coolest looking and feeling ride on the floor.

  • Dual platform with ratcheting straps provide users with the option for a secure hold or a strap-free platform workout
  • Star Trac's popular personal fans create a more rewarding workout
  • Improved shroud design to ease service
  • Armrests alleviate tension in the shoulders and allow for a more relaxed posture
  • Telescoping hand grips adjust to fit every user and allow access to the contact HR.
  • User Weight Capacity | 159kg
  • Overall Weight | 86kg
  • Height | 132cm
  • Length | 167cm
  • Width | 71cm

A flexible platform that connects expert partners to provide solutions for every customer today and into the future.


Users can now browse the web or stream music and video directly to the OpenHub™ consoles from their own phone or tablet. You can also watch television on the oversized 15” embedded screen or by adding the optional personal viewing screen to the 10” and LCD models.

Asset Management

OpenHub™ can utilize various 3rd party asset management systems that allow facility operators to track equipment use and stay on top of maintenance. If your facility already utilizes an asset management solution, chances are OpenHub™ can communicate with it too. Asset Management works with:

  • EcoFit
  • Fitness EME
  • Varian
  • and many more

Workout Data Tracking

Personal fitness data tracking is available via Bluetooth connection. OpenHub™ consoles can push data to personal smart devices, connecting users with a world class data ecosystem. Workout Data Tracking works with:

  • Nike+
  • Health
  • Strava
  • Garmin connect
  • and many more

Competition and Games

Group Display functions can be used for a variety of competition and games. Bluetooth and Ant+ signals support data collection and display by 3rd party partner products.Competition and Games works with:

  • MyZone
  • Performane IQ
  • Wahoo Fitness

Hub Cap

This optional tablet holder can be added to the top of any LCD or 10" OpenHub™ console. Able to hold tablets up to 10.1” diagonal screen size, the tablet holder puts the user’s personal entertainment in the ideal position for viewing, while holding it secure.


OpenHub™ offer tons of features and solutions to meet the unique needs of every facility. The flexibility of the console allows for additional features to be added at any point, meaning you can get and pay for what you want, when you want it. No other manufacturer offers the affordable range of connectivity as StairMaster and Star Trac.

Star Trac Open Hub Console:

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